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Non-certified site plans are available free for qualified quote requests for a limited time.

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Non-Certified Site Plans for Your Fence Installation or Replacement

Most fencing projects require a site plan — and we highly recommend them to ensure your fence is placed correctly on your property. Site plans purchased online can cost you over $100; however, we’re offering these site plans free of charge for qualifying clients when you request a quote!

Included in your quote is a free estimate + a free site plan for qualified clients.

After submitting your Request For Quote, we begin gathering information to create your site plan. Once completed, we’ll send your site plan via email. Most site plans are completed and emailed by the next business day!

Although not a certified survey, this site plan is excellent for planning and approvals. Our site plan will give you basic information regarding your property and boundaries to understand what’s needed for your fencing project.

What are the Benefits of Using a Non-Certified Site Plan?

No  Cost

No  On-Site Visit  Needed

No  Wasted Time  Searching for Property Lines

Site Plan Features

Our non-certified site plans are a great way to figure out what you need for your fencing project without purchasing a certified version of the site map where it’s not necessary.
What is Included With my Non-Certified Site Plan?
How are Site Plans Made?
How Can You Quote Me Without Coming to my House?
Non-Certified Site Plan vs. Certified Survey

Site Plan Imagery


Standard 2D CAD Drawing

  • Eaves Lines
  • Property Lines
  • Distance noted between property lines and eaves lines

Standard 2D CAD Drawing + Satellite Imagery Layer

  • 2D CAD drawing overlaid on satellite imagery
  • Greater visualization of the property

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