Finance Your Fence Project

We offer financing for your projects to help you realize the backyard of your dreams.



The Yard of Your Dreams is Waiting

Your backyard or garden should be a place to escape. Adding a beautiful fence to compliment your home and yard shouldn’t just be a dream, which is why we offer financing for many of our fencing projects.

Financing your fence helps make a fencing project more affordable. A fence adds additional aesthetic appeal as well as security to your home, giving you peace of mind.


Financing Options Available with HOA Fence Company

Revolving Credit Option

  • Flexible access to funds over time
  • Variable interest rate
  • No end date for repayment

Term Loan Financing

  • Fixed repayment structure
  • Generally lower interest rates
  • Lump sum available at one time

Discover if You’re Eligible for Financing

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