Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any type of financing?
Do you require a deposit to get my fence project scheduled?
What if I need to cancel my installation after my deposit is paid? Will I receive a full refund of my deposit?
If I pay in cash, do you offer a “cash discount”?
Do you offer discounts for the military?


How long does installation take?
Am I responsible for locating utilities prior to installation?
Should I get a survey?
Do I need to obtain a permit for this project, or will you obtain the permit, if required?
Do I need to be present during installation?
How will the fence be constructed in relation to the grade of my property?
Do you remove the excess dirt left over from digging holes for the fence post?
Do you repair or perform maintenance on fences built by other contractors?
Can we reuse materials from our old fence?
If I provide my own materials, do you offer install only?
Do you stain/paint the fence?


Do your fences come with a warranty?
What do I do if my fence requires service or repair while under warranty?


Are you fully insured?

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